Final Draft


This is our last and final draft for our main task. Compared to our fourth version, our director recorded original audio of her whispering to represent the manic thoughts in our characters head which causes her to change identities and become a murderer.

Third Draft


This is our second edit. We haven’t changed much except I added titles at the end and a production company name at the beginning to make it look more realistic and professional, as if it was the start of a real thriller. After receiving feedback from the rest of my group I also changed the font type to a more bold style so it stood out more and was easier to read against some of the backgrounds.

We also showed our teacher this edit and she was absolutely thrilled with the progress we have made and how much better this edit is compared to when we first started. I am really happy with this sequence and feel as a group we came together at the end and used all our strengths to create this title sequence.

Second Draft


This is my groups first version using the footage from our newest shoot. We still incorporated the book and kept the concept of a schoolgirl being a murderer the same. However the first half of the title sequence is now her getting ready as a little girl who suddenly switches into a teenager, illustrating that she has schizophrenia. The beginning is shot as a morning routine as she gets ready for school. We immediately added tense and eerie sounds to engage the audience and set the tone of a thriller. We also managed to add titles despite it not being our original font as it was not accessible to us.

I am extremely happy with this first edit even though there are still things I want to change and add I think this is definitely our best shoot and rough cut so far.

First Draft


This is our first edit for our main task called ‘Inquest’. Our deadline was for Friday the 2nd of February but we wanted to take our time with the edit so we included no titles for the moment and focused on putting the footage together. Overall I’m not happy with this version as I think our framing could have been more precise and most of our shots are shaky despite having access to a tripod.

responsesresponses 2

After receiving negative feedback from my class and from our teacher we decided to refilm the whole piece again in a different location and with a completely different storyline to engage the audience more. For our next shoot I want to make sure our mine en scene is as clean as possible, for example making sure there is nothing irrelevant in the background of the shots and every shot is taken on a tripod to stop it from being shaky.

Jessica Jones So Far …

During this half term I decided to watch Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ original series curtesy of Netflix. I have heard great reviews about the television series from friends and online critic so I thought I would give it ago. To put it in it’s simplest terms I watched the whole season in one week so it must of been good!

Jessica Jones is a private investigator that at the beginning of the season investigates suspicious partners to see if their other half is having an affair. Jessica has super natural powers after being in a car accident (resulting in the death of her family) and being experimented on. Her powers include her being able to jump really high and extreme strength. We soon discover that Jessica has never had it easy when we take a trip down memory lane and encounter her sworn enemy Kilgrave. Kilgrave is another gifted individual who can control peoples minds. Jessica was tortured by him and kept underneath his spell until one day he was hit by a bus after she killed her current lover’s (Luke Cage) wife. The season follows Jessica as she tries to get Kilgrave sentenced after manipulating another hopeless girl similar to her. On the way we learn more about her gripping past and her relationships until it’s the final showdown between the to super humans. Without spoiling it too much as I would highly recommend watching it, do not trust anyone!

This series never had me bored and is jam packed with action! I especially liked how cleverly it was filmed with the purple filters, something I have never embarked on before. I’m now watching¬†Daredevil, another Marvel show that links in with this one.I’ll be back shortly with an update of my thoughts on that.